Artwork Guidelines.

It is important for us to receive high-quality artwork files so that we can create the best labels possible.

We use vector files, which allows us to adjust the size and colour while preserving the sharp edges and details. JPEG and other bitmap image formats are not suitable because they lose quality when resized or colour changes are made.

Use our guide to learn more about how to provide suitable artwork. Remember, we offer complimentary in-house design services for all our customers, if you would like to discuss your design ideas, please feel free to reach out to us.

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File Types.

Different file types such as AI, PDF, and JPG can be used for various purposes, but AI files are vector based files and are best used for creating and editing artwork for your label design. Below is an outline of what is best suited for label printing and what’s the best option to achieve the best possible print quality.

 Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
Our preferred file type for receiving artwork is Illustrator, as it can create vector files – we use this to create proofs and print files without any loss of quality.
 PDF Files (.pdf)
PDF Files (.pdf)
PDFs are acceptable to use, as long as they have been exported correctly from Adobe Illustrator. However, exporting bitmap files from Photoshop to a PDF, unfortunately is not suitable to use.
Images (.jpg .png .gif)
Images (.jpg .png .gif)
Image files are only suitable for digital printing of photographs and must be of high quality with a resolution of 300 dpi. They are not suitable for your labels.
Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
Photoshop is used for editing bitmap files and is not good for shapes or text. Instead, use Illustrator to create elements of your artwork.

Artwork Checklist.

When creating artwork for bespoke labels, there are a few important points that are sometimes overlooked.

To ensure consistency, you need to convert text to outlines or send original font files if they are not available on our systems.
Using CMYK is important to avoid color reproduction issues when converting from RGB to CMYK and Pantone colors for your label design.
Ensure a bleed of several millimeters on edges for high-resolution images to avoid printing gaps when cutting labels.

Artwork Questions.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that provide insights and information on different aspects of the artwork process. Click below for more information.

Our team prefers to receive vector artwork in PDF or AI format. For Flexographic and Digital orders, we can accept some image formats. However, if the artwork is of poor quality, it may not be usable or result in pixelated or blurry labels. If you need assistance with re-creating artwork in a suitable format, please contact us directly.

Our design team strives to deliver artwork proofs as quickly as possible, with the goal of providing them on the same day as your order details have been confirmed. However, in some cases, such as when an order has a large number of variations or requires extensive adjustments, it may take a bit longer to produce the proofs. We understand the importance of timely communication and will make every effort to ensure that you receive your artwork proofs as soon as possible.

No, we never charge for design proofs when customers order their labels with us, as we believe that assisting our customers with their custom label design will demonstrate our commitment to providing and helping them in the long term.

We frequently assist our clients by creating designs and layouts for labels at no cost. Additionally, we can also produce intricate designs from the ground up, including product labels or promotional material.

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