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Our expertise in the food labeling industry enables us to assist you in standing out amidst a competitive market. With years of experience, we can provide guidance on material selection, adhesives, and printing techniques. Regardless of whether you're a multinational food manufacturer or a small-scale artisanal producer, we're here to help.

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Industry Overview.

Fresh Meat
Fresh meat labels typically include information about the type of meat, its weight, the date it was packaged, and sometimes information about the farm or producer.
Fresh Produce
Fresh produce labels are used to display information such as country of origin, & whether it's organic or genetically modified, allowing consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing goods.
Bakery labels provide customers with essential information such as ingredients, nutritional information, and allergy warnings, ensuring they can make informed decisions when purchasing baked goods.
Beer and wine labels typically include information about the type of beverage, its alcohol content, the volume of the bottle, the producer or brand, and sometimes information about the region or vintage.
On condiment labels, you can usually find a list of ingredients used in the product, along with information about the nutritional values, recommended serving sizes, and storage instructions or recipe ideas.
Dairy labels typically include information about the type of dairy product, such as milk or cheese, its fat content, the nutritional values - including information on protein, calcium, and other vitamins and minerals.
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