Trusted by a wide variety of healthcare facilities throughout the United Kingdom, including NHS Trusts, Eco Labels serve as reliable providers of labels.

As a component of our NHS service, we furnish several pharmacies with Direct Thermal Topcoat. This guarantees that the information on labels does not fade or deteriorate with time, and we use a peelable adhesive that allows for easy relabeling or returning of drugs to stock.

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Industry Overview.

Custom Autoclave
We offer custom autoclave-compatible labels to multiple healthcare facilities and hospitals, keeping their technology and operating procedures in mind. These labels can be tailored to suit specific printer requirements.
Patient Record
By utilizing pre-printed labels on robust materials that can be used with pens and pencils, note-taking and filing can be expedited, thereby enhancing your internal procedures. This is an effective method to improve efficiency.
Staff Identification
When employees wear full personal protective equipment and masks, identifying them can be challenging. Labels can serve as an excellent solution to this issue. They can be pre-printed with names and roles, and color-coded for easy identification.
Medical Safety Warning
Labels can be used to provide a visual cue for critical medical information. We can print them in vivid, attention-grabbing colors or use fluorescent day-glo materials. These labels are capable of withstanding exposure to liquids.
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