Linerless Labels.

Utilising our extensive knowledge in traditional and linerless labelling, as well as strong connections with prominent partners, we can enhance your labelling effectiveness and provide seamless assistance throughout the entire process.

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What is a linerless label?

In essence, Linerless tape is designed with adhesive on one side and silicone on the other.
It serves as a flexible and eco-friendly substitute for traditional pressure-sensitive label materials, while maintaining comparable scanning and traceability capabilities. DT Linerless is particularly well-suited for retail, food, and logistics labeling, along with various other applications that demand excellent thermal printability, reliable adhesion, and clean cutting.

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Key benefits of linerless labels

Our linerless labels are specifically crafted to withstand challenging environments. They are offered in a range of core sizes, catering to diverse requirements.

Our Linerless labels are derived from sources that are certified by FSC™, which has a demonstrated positive influence on forests and their overall well-being. Furthermore, these labels utilize approximately 40% less paper compared to liner-equipped pressure-sensitive label materials, resulting in reduced costs associated with liner waste handling. Sourcing from sustainably managed forests helps preserve wildlife, mitigates climate change, and enhances water quality. It's worth noting that our DT Linerless labels are not only free from BPA but also devoid of Total Phenol.
Cost and SKU Reduction
By employing linerless labels, you have the flexibility to cut them to any desired length, resulting in reduced material expenses and the consolidation of stock keeping units. This approach eliminates the necessity to stock a wide range of label sizes. Moreover, linerless materials eradicate the handling and disposal requirements associated with liner waste.
Enhance operational efficiency, minimize roll changes, and optimize storage space by benefiting from up to 75% more running meters per roll with Eco Labels' linerless labels. Furthermore, these labels retain the scanning and traceability features of linered labels while utilizing fewer raw materials. As a result, they can be shipped more efficiently without compromising performance.
To accommodate varying information requirements, different products often necessitate labels of different sizes. These size requirements can even change just before the printing stage. Linerless labels offer a flexible solution in this regard, as they can be easily cut to any desired length. This eliminates the need to maintain a stock of labels in multiple sizes.
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Co2 Calculator

Use our Co2 Calculator to see how linerless labels can save you money and the environment.

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